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""For the beauty lover who has all sorts of masks, she’ll definitely want to try this plant-based option for her most intimate area that’s designed to bring some extra pampering into her self-care routine.""
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""WHY: Is it even a mystery? Bikini lines get aggravated from grooming, spin-classing, simply being alive and a woman… The skin-calming ingredients like witch hazel and hydrating coconut oil in this formula can help chill out razor burn and irritated skin for a nourishing below-the-belt refresh.""
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"“We created Muff Masque to empower women to be themselves and maintain any style of muff they find most beautiful — not what society tells them is beautiful.” "
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"I have a hard time wearing a bathing suit in the summer because my razor burn can be so bad on my bikini line. I'm always trying new remedies to help, so I obviously HAD to try this mask. I left it on a little longer than recommended (30 minutes while watching my favorite show). Not only did it feel amazing during, but my skin was smooth after I removed it AND stayed that way for days. My irritation was not a fraction of what it normally is after using other products. SUCH a fan of this!"
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"LOOVED! I bought one of these for fun from my local salon to give it a try after I received a wax. I have to admit I wasn't expecting it to work like it did. It helped SO much with an ingrown hair I had and definitely helped prevent razor burn! I'm getting married next month and just bought a bunch for my bridesmaids!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Skeptical at first but blown away! I don’t usually do any type of feminine hygiene gimmick because I feel they make things worse but this is GREAT! I just wanted something to smooth and help with irritation when I trim/shave and it does exactly that! I want to buy a few more to have when I need them."
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